Diary of a Key West Innkeeper

by Susan Jinbo

Have You Ever Dreamed About Owning a Bed and Breakfast?

Have you always dreamed about owning a bed and breakfast?.

Millions of people long for the day when they can say goodbye to their 9 to 5 job and enter the peaceful, romantic world of owning a guest house in paradise. Victorian furnishings surround you as you mingle with interesting guests from around the world, sipping mimosas on the porch and sampling your latest rendition of eggs benedict. Its a beautiful dream, but often times dreams can become nightmares.

Diary of a Key West Innkeeper takes you on a journey with a couple who pursued their dream and the zany reality that ensued. One armed painters, diaper wearing guests, French nudists and kung fu fighters await you. Susan Jinbo expertly details the humorous, hilarious and often times touching experiences of their innkeeping adventure with 20 stories that could be straight out of a Faulty Towers episode with a tropical twist.

Floods and fires, Ramen Noodles, mysterious substances and several bottles of wine round out this true-life tale making it a book that is destined to become required reading in hospitality programs and a cult classic in the innkeeper circle.

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Diary of a Key West Innkeeper