The Hangover Survival Guide

by Christopher Schultz and David Sloan

Never Suffer a Hangover Again!

+Pounding Headache?
+Upset Stomach?
+Feel Like gouging your eyes out with a vegetable peeler?

Never Suffer a Hangover Again! Millions of booze hounds across America suffer these hangover symptoms every morning, causing poor performance, needless suffering and countless lame excuses for refusing to get out of bed.

You don't have to suffer. Key West tops the list of America's drinking towns with our first hangover dating back to the 18th Century.

That's more than 300 years of hangover cures concocted, tested and perfected by such Key West greats as Tennessee Williams, President Harry S Truman, Jimmy Buffett and even Ernest "Papa" Hemingway. The Key West Hangover Survival Guide is the first-ever collection of Southernmost hangover knowledge. From tried and true cures to bizarre concoctions that could only come from Key West, this book has it all...

+Hangover cures from Key West bartenders
+History of the hangover + Celebrity hangover quotes
+Local advice from first drink to last call + Key West hangover quiz
+The truth about Oreos + and much, much more.


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The Hangover Survival Guide