Key West Bar Zen

by Ray Campbell and Jim Thomsen

Learn About Key West Tour Captains, Fishermen and Pirates

The Key West Bar Zen Contest for bartenders and wait staff has ended after six weeks of active entries.  Gary Uhl of the Green Parrot was presented with the $100.00 prize for the most usable submissions selected for the new book.  Leigh Pujado of Schooner Wharf submitted the second most used entries and Chris Robinson of Louie's Afterdeck took the third place position.  Over thirty establishments and several hundred entries were recorded with 30 Bartenders or Wait Staff making the final cut.

Each of the contestants quoted in the project receive a free book from the first edition printing due by August 2003.  Next year's contest will raise the prize money to $300.00 with a $150.00 second place and $75.00 third place in what hopes to be an ongoing tradition for Key West. Intended for visitors of Key West the 100 page book made with bar boaster covers will feature both wisdom and wit of Key West locals.  The book will be available on the internet as well in traditional outlets. The authors are providing 5% of the net sales income to support the efforts of local charities including Reef Relief.

The writers,  next intend to capture the stories of those who work on or near the ocean as tour captains, fishermen, or pirates.


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Key West Bar Zen