Key West Photo Safari

by Rob O'Neal

So, you ask, what might one find on this "Photo Safari?"

Well there are authors, artist�s acrobats and actors, plus an aircraft carrier with a nuclear reactor. Big boats, bikers, bubbas and beds, babes in bikinis and bars that are dead.

Conchs and Cubans, cormorants and cops, captains and chickens and a10-foot croc. Creepy clouds, clowns and naturally cats, big dogs and little dogs and tower of bats. There are dancers and DJ's, dolphins and drugs, daredevils, drummers, drag queens and bugs. A nighttime eclipse and an eagle�s sharp beak, fisherman, fighters and Fantasy Fest Freaks. There are two brick old forts, flags and my friends, goats and gnus and a protective hen. There are Hemmingway's, herons, hotties and hogs houseboats, iguanas and a couple who jogs. You'll see jokers on parade, junkanoos at Blue Heaven, jugglers, kayaks and a guy named Kip Blevin.

I've got long legs, lunatics, Labradors and losers, monkeys, musicians and professional boozers. Nocturnal nerds, orange skies and prosthetics, Presidents and pianists, this is getting pathetic. Potters, palm trees and a pepper-shaped car, parasailers and pirates, this is who we are. Glamour queens, reverends, raucous roosters and rabbits, reindeer and schooners, not to mention bad habits. Sculptures, sand bars and out going tides, trumpeters, tourists and unusual rides. Vivacious vixens, a large stranded whale, and a guy named "The Wiz" draws an end to this tale. All of this and more except the gnu, check out the safari, it's odd, but true.

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Key West Photo Safari