Living in the Key West Style Anywhere!

by David L. Hemmel, PE and Judy S. Smith, AIBD

A Unique Look at Key West's House's and Neighborhoods

This is a very unique look at Key West's house's and neighborhoods. Key West Style really educates the reader on the the interior architecture, floor plans and history of Key West buildings. The book will be useful for anyone who wants information about Key West or considering remodeling a home to incorporate some of the charming features.

The book contains wonderful pictures with easy to understand layout and design information and lots of extra information about things local.

This can be a easy to follow guide to designing a house for anyplace as well as for those who want to learn more about Key West (whether you live here or not).

Great as a gift for those relatives and friends who live where it is cold!! (or at least not in Key West!)

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Living in the Key West Style Anywhere!