Painted Coconuts

Hand Painted Art Coconuts

Each coconut comes from our own tree started from a coconut here in Key West! The coconut is first primed with a base coat and carefully hand painted by Key West artist Janis Jo Stevens. The ridges and shape of the coconut must always be considered with the design. They are then signed and finished with a protective clear coat. Usually, orders can be completed within a week; for rush orders please call or email for price.

Hand Painted Coconut $35

Southernmost Point Coconut

Southernmost Point Painted Coconut

Southernmost Point Painted Coconut $45.00

Sport Team Logo Painted Coconuts

Custom Orders! Sport Team Coconuts- The perfect coconut souvenir.  Any team logo can be painted. These are samples. If you don’t see your team just email me at or call 305-923-0702 and I will do it for you!

Sports Team Painted Coconuts $45.00

Type your sports team in the form below or for special orders email your logo to